Sunday, 7 February 2016

♥♥ Sunday Loves ♥♥

  Puss cat sleeping on the one ball of wool I wanted to use, which is inside the organza bag he is lounging on. Waking a sleeping cat is not really an option so I had to wait three hours before he woke up and sauntered off!!

 We were banned from using the living room for a while in the morning as The Brother is having to take extra math's lessons over the computer for his A Level course, which means that the door is firmly shut and we are resigned to the kitchen. I did manage to rescue the crochet before the banned period and sat at the table with a mug of coffee and a very fragrant Hyacinth!!

 The beautiful pink Hyacinth!! The smell is filling up the kitchen at the moment and we teeter on the edge of moving it elsewhere as the perfume is so overpowering.

 The Quince tree in the garden has the most beautiful pink blossom on its bare branches at the moment. We don't get very many fruits from this tree, although each year I vow to do something with them and never get around to it. Maybe this time though.

 The sunshine finally came out for a few hours!!! I took the opportunity to wander around the garden and have a nosey to see what is coming up in the flowerbeds. I am hopeful for a small crop of Bluebells, Foxgloves and a wild Hyacinth. It didn't look good for my Cyclamen though, the frost might have got those as they are looking a bit withery and sad.

 Beautiful blue Primulas, rescued from the 'last chance' section of a local garden centre. Such a lovely shade of purple-sih blue!!

 Blue sky!! Blue sky!!! It started out as the perfect winter's day; cool, crisp, light, sunny, blue. It has clouded over with drizzle now so these memories are especially dear. Oh for it to be like this all the time.


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