Sunday, 6 March 2016

Postal Artwork

 (By Annie)

I feel very honoured to be part of a hugely talented online postal art group, MixedMediaGroup_UK. Every month or so we have one or two swaps, nothing major, with no pressure to join in with all of them, just the ones you fancy. It is a challenge every time, thinking around the theme, sourcing objects, fabrics and papers to incorporate into a tiny ATC or postcard, and thinking of placement on the card, but it's so much fun! The anticipating of waiting for your returns through the post is so tantalising. The envelope (which you know is the one because it was self addressed and is now bulky and enticing) plopping onto the mat can cheer up any dull or frustrating day.

The theme this time around was Newspaper and Buttons, and we had to make three ATCs and two Postcards (although not enough people joined the ATC swap and I did get one of my own back). I am so impressed with the cards that I have been given, they are utterly beautiful, with so many textures squeezed into these little items. I almost feel I should have them framed.

(By Wendy)

The Mother is very jealous of Wendy's laces. Every member of the group has a style and you can often tell who has made what without looking at the name on the back. Wendy often incorporates lace into her work and The Mother pounces on them every time, exclaiming over the different varieties.

This card has some tiny little details that are difficult to catch on camera. It appears that the little sparkly bits trapped between the news print and organza are heat bonding beads- but I couldn't be sure. They look very pretty when the light catches on them though.

 (By Wendy)

I love how Wendy's ATC matches her postcard, it's almost like a miniature version.

(By Annie)

And Annie's card has a lovely piece of silk as the background, with tonal lace and buttons. It really makes the red heart pop out of the centre! Until next month!

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  1. So pleased you liked your postcards and ATCs Beth. It's a shame these will be the last of them. Tell your mum that I usually get my lace from charity shops or from friends. I really love the vintage lace, and it is getting hard to find. Your blanket is looking great. It's many years since I made one of those.