Saturday, 12 March 2016

Silver Linings

Things are moving swiftly in my woolly, blankety world. The little squares I have been endlessly crocheting on the bus, at work, in bed, in my chair, are joining together, linking corners and melding seamlessly together. Quite literally as I am using the join-as-you-go method of joining the squares together.

I have also stepped slightly out of my comfort zone here, having originally wanted to join them with white wool and make them pop out with a really fresh look. When mentioning this plan to The Mother, she very scathingly remarked that I'm always joining squares with white or cream wool- a fair point. So I side stepped, not quite ready to go the whole hog with black wool (too dark for me, I like COLOUR!) I went for a gorgeous Silver (1203 From Stylecraft).

So far so good I think. The grey is such a soft shade it blends really nicely and the colours still pop enough for me to be happy. I started with a bright yellow centre (marked with the green wool tie) and am working in a kind of rainbow-ish scheme around that, following where the colours need to go with no fixed plan in mind.

I am working quite systematically, going around and around in a kind of spiral, creating a square. It probably wouldn't matter if I went up and down in a rectangle but somehow the square seems right and I can make sure that there is an even coverage of all colours.

Ziggy has once more climbed into my wool basket. I think it must be its position in the sitting room; at about half past eleven the sun hits it and it does look super cosy now he's all settled I must admit. The purring is like having a small plane in the room, motoring along very loudly.

I'm not sure how big this blanket will grow- currently I have somewhere in the region of 270 little squares, using up most of my oddments of Stylecraft wool. I still have a couple of larger balls yet to use up but I already have squares in those colours (it appears I return to the same colours a lot). I can save those for a border though I think.

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