Sunday, 20 March 2016

Spring Things

Now that Ziggy has discovered how comfortable my wool basket is, we can hardly get him out of it!! He is spending whole nights in the same spot, and you can pick him up and move him around in it with barely a twitch of the eye.

He puts himself in the most hilarious positions inside this basket, and seems to enjoy it even more as I have taken out all of my Stylecraft wool for the current mini granny square blanket. It's created more room for his bottom to wiggle into.

At the weekend we visited my Grandmother. She has had her kitchen smashed up and re-installed how she wants it. There are lots of things she's redoing in the house, having moved in at the end of last year- every time we go round there is something new or different.

 She had been given these glorious purple tulips for Mother's Day by my uncle. Purple is her favourite colour.

And of course, I had to take a turn around the garden and see what's blooming. Most of the plants in her garden we don't know the name of of even what they look like, the majority being a series of twiggy sticks at the moment. There are promising looking buds on everything though- roll on summer!

And we did our bit for the wildlife. This ginormous bumble bee crash landed into a flowerbed next to us and then couldn't fly away again. We picked him up and gave him some sugar water on a bit of kitchen roll which he spent the next 15 minutes collecting up with his proboscis (or tongue- did you know the end of a bee's tongue is furry? And that they use it like a cat would, cleaning their fur, other bee's fur and also their hive). You can see it's tongue in the photos, scooping up the energy of the sugar. They are funny little things aren't they? Going out into the world until they completely run out of energy and then just collapsing. It reminds me of the Duracell battery advert, where the non-Duracell battery bunnies just kind of collapse also.

We have been having some beautiful sunrises. I love this time of year where it is light when I get up, but not so light that I can't enjoy a bright red sun blazing in the sky. The sunsets have been most spectacular as well, except that I am on the bus when I see these so can't get any good photos to show you. The benefit of sitting on the top deck of the bus is that you can see the sun for just that little bit longer, and also how it looks over the rolling hills and treetops. Really lovely.

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