Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Sunday Sun

Sunday was a lovely day wasn't it? So warm and sunshiney. We went out for a lovely lunch to celebrate Dad's forty-twelfth birthday, and followed it up with a trip round to The Grandmother's for some tea and biscuits.

Her garden is really starting to blossom now, with all sorts of plants tentatively unfurling their leaves, and pots that we thought were empty and dead have produced pretty flowers and shoots. Goodness knows what else lies in this garden!

I sat under the pergola looking out over the lawn and vegetable patch. You can see over the fence to the farm lands in the distance which is rather lovely.

And of course I had my current crochet project to keep me warm from any lingering chill in the air. It was all very peaceful and lovely.

In the evening The Parent's suddenly announced they were going to the forest to watch the sun go down. It was a bit of race to get there before it vanished over the horizon, but The Mother made a sterling effort (Dad was still a little inebriated from the lunch earlier) and we got there just in time to watch the sun turn into a flaming red ball and sink into the hills.

Don't you love it in photographs when the camera can't cope with certain bits of light, or dust specks explode into colour and leave random circles of colour in the image? I really like the effect it gives.

It was a really lovely end to a very relaxed Sunday.

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