Friday, 22 April 2016

The Queen's 90th

Yesterday evening was spent in the chilly night air with the Guides, waiting for Uckfield beacon to be lit in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday. It was one of 900 beacons lit across the country in celebration of such a milestone, so quite a nice thing to be a part of.

From where we were we could see across the Downs to Lewes and further to Ditchling and Firle Beacons, which (funnily enough) had their own beacons lit. It was really incredible to look over and see all these little twinkling lights right on the top of these hills, I counted four or five right on the crest of the hills, and a couple in high points between them and us.

We sang Happy Birthday and said our Hip, Hip, Hoorays, then watched the embers fly across the field like little fireflies (it was quite windy). I absolutely love being a part of national things like this, it's really heartwarming, don't you think? Did you have a beacon in your town?

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