Saturday, 16 April 2016

Wheels Of Crochet

Phew! I have been so busy this week, I've barely had time to do much crochet. However, I have been plodding on with my little triangles every spare crochet sized second and I'm starting to build quite a collection.

Today I taught my first big crochet class. It was a beginners class focusing on the humble traditional granny square and they all did so well!! I am so pleased that they all left with at least two complete squares and hopefully a head full of stitches and sequences. I really had to concentrate though as I just crochet on automatic, my hands flying through an autopilot sequence of turns and flicks, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through. The hands just do it all by themselves. So having to actually stop and think about what my hands are doing to be able to teach it to other people is quite hard- especially when one of them was left handed!!

I was so chuffed at the end of the class as most of the ladies seemed quite keen to have another go at a more intermediate level, so maybe we could try teaching hexagons or bobble stitch squares, maybe circles- it's such an exciting thought!!

Triangles need to be mastered first for me though. The pattern I am using is based on a pattern I found on Pinterest. It originates from a blog called Atty's, and is her triangle pattern, but Dotty T style.

I couldn't quite figure out from her picture tutorial exactly how Atty was joining her triangles together, and as it was an American pattern I had to change it slightly for UK use, so I have used a continual join-as-you-go method along the sides that need joining. It caused a bit of a headache at the corners where a double treble stitch is used as it took several attempts to figure out how I could keep the large gap in the corner whilst joining. I have settled on working a double treble, chain stitch, slip stitch into corner of the first triangle, chain stitch and a double treble back into the corner I'm creating. This way I have made the same amount of stitches in both an un-joined corner (which has three chain stitches) and a joined corner.

I have also turned my thoughts to the overall look I am trying to create. Although my little circles currently look just like circles, I am hoping that once I have joined them they will become more like hexagons and the triangular corners will become more apparent. I'm not sure exactly how I will join them together yet though, still pondering on that one.

The centre of the blanket will be a block colour hexagon, which will then be surrounded on all sides by a multicoloured one. This idea then grows outwards, with a layer of block hexagons surrounded by multicoloured hexagons. I'm thinking along the lines of an abstract floral thing....or maybe just what looks pretty.

I'm looking forwards to be able to start thinking about joining these little shapes together!! For now I shall concentrate on lots of multicoloured triangles and not so many block colour ones. What do you think? x

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