Thursday, 7 April 2016

Zest For Colour

I am going on a little excursion tomorrow, up to Leicester for the weekend to visit some university friends. Naturally I need to take a little project with me (it's about 12 hours on the coach there and back again!!) so I popped down to my local wool shop this morning to choose a new colour palette.

I had quite a strange experience in the shop; walking in and going straight to the Stylecraft Special DK section with no problems, picking up my favourite colours (blues, purples, greens), playing with the palette on the floor, moving colours around to see how I liked them- all fine. Then, as I was turning to go to the till and pay for my loot, I noticed one little ball of wool in the corner. I hadn't even glanced at it before, it isn't in my usual colour palette at all. But it made me stop, and somehow I found myself putting back all of the balls of wool I had previously selected, picking up this new colour and starting all over again.

Can you guess what this colour was? ................ Mustard! I mean really! I can't explain it, but the colour palette I ended up paying for was based on this one little ball of mustard wool. I have no idea how it will turn out, or meld together. Walking home I kept glancing into the bag dubiously, but it was such an experience I feel I have to go with the flow, obviously the mustard was calling to me for some reason.

So, from the bottom clockwise, my zesty colour palette is:

* Midnight * Teal * Empire * Meadow * Mustard * Citron * Saffron * Silver * Parma Violet * Denim * 

The other problem I have is that I'm not entirely sure what I actually want to make with these lovely colours. Do I want to make squares, hexagons, flowers, stripes, ripples, circles....? I think a huge Pinterest session is in order to gain some inspiration. I am particularly taken with these really cute triangles from Atty's, or these lovely rainbow circles-in-a-square from Just-Do, or even these colour gradient squares from JustJen- Knits & Stitches. Oh decisions, decisions!!! 

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