Sunday, 12 June 2016

Travel Hamsters Invade Rome

Elvis and the other Travel Hams wanted me to show you their photos of our fabulous Italian holiday. They had a really great time and was the first time the Superhero Hams had been anywhere this exciting!

They are quite good at learning languages, and apparently, Travel Hamsters in Italian is criceti di viaggio. 

They had a wonderful time playing in the piazza of feathers, and tried lots and lots of different flavours of ice cream. The electric blue one in the top right of the above montage was called puffa and tasted a bit like vanilla. The Travel Penguins and Harriet & Hamilton also joined in on several occasions so it was like an enormous party!

Most of the time was spent sharing their knew found historical knowledge of the places we visited from the security and comfort of their specially made travel pouches, which went down a treat in both sets of Travel Hamster camps. They can't wait for their next holiday away!

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