Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Guide Life

I've been having some very busy weekends lately- mainly to do with my work in Girl Guiding. A couple of weeks ago you may remember I went up to Greenwich for an overnight stay at the Maritime Museum, and this weekend just gone we went up to Wembley with another group of girls for a big concert put on especially for Guides, called the Big Gig (I didn't recognise many of the artists performing- and am now worried that I'm becoming old and out of touch!). This coming weekend I am helping to run a tombola stall on behalf of Girl Guiding at our town's festival and the weekend after that I am helping out all day at a cake stall put on by, yes you guessed it (!), Girl Guides at the annual Kit Car rally. It doesn't leave a lot of time for crafting so most of my sewing is being done in snatched moments in my lunch break or before bed, and sometimes it feels like I'm not being creative at all.

Maybe my lack of creativeness is linked to the weather? Yesterday it felt like the first time in ages that I actually had a wander around the garden, my usual source of inspiration. The weather has been so dismal and wet that we've kind of been ignoring the garden which is really starting to blossom. I'm really chuffed with the first few blooms on my Hydrangea plants. They sit side by side in their pots, a bit like a his and hers, and the colours meld together beautifully.

As of yesterday evening, these were the finished English paper pieced shapes ready to go onto bags. As of this evening, all of the shapes have now been glued onto a bag with the aid of Wonderweb, and the star shape has been stitched down completely whilst the others patiently wait their turn.

I'm mainly loving playing with fabrics and colour combinations. I can get all of my slightly strange patterns and put them together to create a geometric wonder. Of course, I have also had to purchase some new fabrics...especially when they catch my eye whilst I walk past the remnant table at work. But as I'm legitimately using these fabrics for a project then it can't be labelled as a stash filler can it?

Such fun!

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