Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Inspired Stitches

Yesterday I started a little hoop of stitches. Just a simple thing, nothing planned in my head; picking up fabrics from my scrap bag and stitching them on top of each other. The colours reminded me of a grassy hill covered in flowers so out came the embroidery threads and little bullion knot flowers started to form.

I think this was a project I needed. Something mindless, that made me happy. It's not perfect, and I won't worry if fabrics start to fray or if a stitch doesn't end up in an exact position, or if a colour slightly clashes. A colleague at work today asked me if I had been inspired by my visit to Kew Gardens at the weekend and I guess I was. The abundance of colours and textures clicked with my creative brain and formed a subconscious need for translation onto fabric- don't you love it when that happens?

I don't even know when it will end to be honest. Probably when I get tired of endless embroidered knots, or when it feels right to stop. For now it is just refreshing doing something different and doing something I love.

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