Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Carnival Craft Day

At the weekend I organised a big craft day for all of our Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Senior Section, Leaders, Parents....everybody really to come and help decorate and get things ready for our Carnival float. The actual Carnival is at the beginning of September and we will have to dress the float on the day but such a lot of effort and preparation has to go into it beforehand that it was all hands on deck!

Our theme is Jungle & Rainforest Explorers as that gave us lots of lovely crafting ideas and I have been chief organiser (not a responsibility to be taken lightly!) so my Guides have been working on little bits here and there through the last term. This was a big jump forward though and I am very impressed with the work the girls (and parents) did on the day.

I got to our hall very early and spent some time carefully drawing out our big animals. We have a Slow Loris, a Chameleon and a Poison Dart Frog, as well as a very dramatic, frothing waterfall (it's nearly two metres high!)! The girls did such a good job painting these, there are several carefully considered layers- base colour paints, then slightly more detailed colours and shades going in, and final textures being added at the end (like spots and fur). It was a good thing that the day was relatively warm and the paint dried quickly.

We made an army of paper plate monkeys, lots of toilet roll tube binoculars were decorated in the latest trendy binocular colours, leaves were cut and painted, bamboo sliced into wrapping paper tubes and letters coloured in.

We've a way to go to pull all of these components together but I really think our float will be a triumph this year!!!

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