Saturday, 8 October 2016

Woodland Wimsy

I definitely have a fabric obsession. The first thing I thought about buying with the credit earned at work from making those little Christmas crochet baby booties was fat quarters of beautiful, colourful, interesting fabrics. You see, I've had a couple more ideas for my stitchscapes- which definitely stem from the change in the seasons and the views I get in the morning on my bus ride to work. It's now quite dark for a good half of my hour long commute and is just starting to get light as I reach a point on my journey that looks over rolling hills with sprinklings of sheep, wrapped in early morning mist. This has influenced my colour choice for the above fabrics I think, but first I had to release an image that's been in my head for a while now....Autumnal Silver Birch trees. 

I'm not entirely sure where this image popped up from, as I haven't been woodland walking for a while, I must have shelved it at some point in the past to be brought out at the right moment. It's of Silver Birches (one of my favourite trees, along with the Willow) lining up and surrounded by oranges, browns,and other earthy Autumnal colours, contrasting with the silver and creamy whites of the tree bark.

I found the sweetest fabric prints in my (rather vast) collection to go with some of my new ones, the batik printed brown fabric with a leafy print, the purple backed floral with daisies and spray flowers, and a cute birdy print which is designed to go with the half circle pattern fabric at the top. The colours are quite lightly Autumn-ish rather than a heavy use of orange and red which I quite like. I have vague intentions of adding in stitched branches to my trees to make them less totem pole-like but for now I'm concentrating on filling in the bark with textures.

I'm looking forwards to seeing this one finished!

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