Saturday, 15 October 2016

You've Been Framed

I bought a couple of test frames for my stitchscapes which arrived this week. They were both meant to be white as I really love white frames that make the piece inside pop, but for some reason I got sent a black one instead and, actually, I quite like the option.

I absolutely love how 'finished' these pieces look inside the mount. It might sound strange but there are rough and unfinished fabric edges in the stitchscapes, stray threads and loose stitches which all have a really soft appearance, nicely contrasted by the clear cut edge of the mountboard.

A conscious effort has been made not to over-finish these little pieces and to keep the rough edges. I'm usually a lot neater and at one time would have gone back to finish adding white French knots to the white 'cloud' in this embroidery, or would have added more fabric to fill in the corner, but I am really enjoying this more primitive look.

Now I just need more space to keep all of my frames !

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