Sunday, 27 November 2016

Festive Penguin Plate

Last week we took the Guides to a new pottery painting studio that has opened up in my town, Kilnwood Studio. I often go to a similar place nearer to where I work, Glazy Daisy, so am familiar with the painting process and the girls absolutely loved it!! Never have they concentrated so hard on something and been so quiet in their concentration- it was brilliant!!
We decided before going that the girls were going to paint plates, rather than ask them to choose something on the day which would have taken absolutely ages(!), and they also brought in images of things to inspire, which had to have a festive theme. I was asked if I wanted to paint a plate of my own, and, never one to turn down a creative opportunity, I jumped at the chance!!
The background was a sponged, icy effect and I got my hands dirty making thumbprint penguins around the outside, adding little accessories to keep the penguins warm in their cold looking surroundings.

The girls did a brilliant job! Some of them look almost like a professional design that you would buy in the shops (others are slightly less polished I admit, but still full of enthusiasm and creativity). An interesting method that the slightly less creatively minded Guides used to was stick stickers onto the plates and paint over them, achieving a very neat polka dot, especially effective on the edges. The stickers get removed with a cocktail stick once the paint is dry. Any pen or pencil marks also disappear in the kiln which is handy.

How sweet is that little penguin above? And the robins!! Did you spot the Christmas pig?

This week we were able to collect our plates, and unwrapping the bubble wrap is very nerve wracking as it reveals how the colours changed after being glazed and fired. You have to remember when painting to add three layers of colour for the strongest tone, and any missed areas will be revealed in the finished piece. I am very pleased with how mine came out, especially with the little bobble hats! A plate to eat my mince pies off of!

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