Monday, 19 December 2016

Elfs on the Shelf: Week Three

Hello!! Happy Monday to you all, the countdown is beginning in the final few days! The Elves are beside themselves with excitement and keep coming up with alternately funny, naughty and sweet things to occupy their time with, and entertaining us at the same time.

Day Twelve: The Elves are starting their present soon as they've finished making dens with the paper!

Day Thirteen: Oh no! The Elves have got into the Christmas booze and are utterly sozzled! Angus's carol singing is a little off key too!

Day Fourteen: Snowball figggghhhttttt!!!!!

Day Fifteen: Angus and Flora seem to be getting themselves in a slight tangle putting up the fairy lights.

Day Sixteen: Angus and Flora are casually chatting to the cat, making sure that he will also be on Santa's nice list, and taking notes on what he would like in his stocking. (Catnip, Dreamies, Lots of Mice...)

Day Seventeen: Angus and Flora have decided to add some extra sparkle to the Elf sized Christmas tree before we start decorating the big one today!

Day Eighteen: What's this? The Elves have been upgraded to Angels? What sparkly halos they have!

Angus and Flora had lots of fun this week- the Cat wasn't overly happy about the Elves invading his personal space (you can probably tell from his expression), and there was a small incident where an arm might have been not so lightly nibbled... But it's all been made up now so we're fine.

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