Sunday, 11 December 2016

Elfs On The Shelf: Week Two

Good Evening All! And welcome to our weekly round-up of the antics of Angus and Flora as they 'help' us get ready for Christmas. I am releasing one photograph a day onto Instagram (which is why these photos are slightly fuzzy) and have been enjoying the comments and interest they have received. There are so many ideas for things that they could get up to next!
In the above photo we have....

Day Five: The Elves seem to be getting themselves into somewhat of a tangle putting up the paper chains.

Day Six: It's very handy that Flora and Angus each like a different colour of marshmallow. It helps keep down the squabbling as they toast them over a makeshift campfire.

Day Seven: Candy cane sledge racing down the stairs! Oo I can't watch, they are going so fast! (Do note the string seat belts the Elves are wearing- safety first!)

Day Eight: Woo! Penguin ice pool party! Angus, stop being so silly!

Day Nine: It's Christmas card time! Angus is leaving Flora to do all the hard work writing them out whilst he has a cheeky snooze.

Day Ten: I think the Elves are under the impression that there are real sweets and gingerbread people glued to this felt wreath?

Day Eleven: "Notice. All sleighs are delayed until further notice due to a reindeer collision on the NP25. Apologies."

They are such naughty Elves! The Mother wasn't impressed at Day Ten's attack on her felt wreath so hopefully they can make it up to her with an extra special present request to Santa on their return to the North Pole. I have finally finished my little present for Flora which you can just see in the photo for Day Eleven. It's a granny square style crochet poncho!! Made using the same wool combination as Angus's scarf so that they match, the poncho also has tassles on the bottom and a little bit of a collar at the top. I think she is really chuffed with it, as am I!

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