Thursday, 12 January 2017


This morning I had a lovely stroll along Brighton seafront with The Parents. We are very lucky to live so near the sea, just an hours drive away, if that, although I don't usually get the chance to go there that often any more.
I actually went to college in Brighton several years ago; it's such a brilliant and inspirational place for an art student to study in with diverse architecture (the Royal Pavilion for instance), rough textures from the sea air and some rather lovely graffiti adorning the sides of less interesting buildings. Then of course, you have the sea!

The weather wasn't overly fantastic and I did have to keep wiping the rain droplets from my camera lens so apologies if there are strange smudges in some of the photos. The sun was trying to break through the cloud cover though so sometimes the sea had a lovely glow towards the horizon; it reminded me a little bit of my Moonlight Reflections Stitchscape- perhaps I should do a similar idea again but focusing on different times of the day, a sunset one could be rather spectacular!

It was really quiet along the seafront and for most of the time it was just us, listening to the mournful cry of the seemingly floating seagulls, the wash of the waves and the wind whistling through the scrubby plants clinging onto the walls.

There were some surprising plants growing out around the steps down the beach. I really liked this little red/pink bud-like flower, it was such a beautiful contrast against the flecked green paint of the railing and the silvery green of another very prevalent plant growing alongside.

We didn't stroll for very long as we were essentially a taxi service for my Grandmother and her appointment was only an hour and a half or so, just enough time to pop into a really fascinating flea market (taxidermy angel mice....need I say more??), wander along the seafront and back again, before the rain really set in! A great way to start the day.

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