Sunday, 1 January 2017

Farewell 2016

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017! Let's hope it is a fantastic year for you all and brings many good things. I have something of a tradition which I think many bloggers do, which is to go back to the start of the previous year and just review everything that happened. Blogs are a bit like scrapbooks or memory albums, to be re-read further down the line. I certainly use mine to check what I have been up to and find it interesting to see the yearly patterns that we all find ourselves doing. So, shall we leap in?

January (above):: (From Top, Let to Right) My completed Criss-Cross Blanket, A beautiful Bouquet, Rainbow Crochet Case, Made With Metal ATC, Snow!, Egg Cup Penguins, Ziggy, My completed Granny Square Blanket, Embellished With Metal Postcard.

February:: Crazy Quilt Blocks, Newspaper & Buttons Postcard, My Completed Log Cabin Blanket, Valentines Day Wreath, Chinese New Year Cakes, Pampass Grass Silhouettes, Planning the Log Cabin, Snowdrop, Ziggy Sleeping on Wool.

March:: Stylecraft Crochet Squares, Bluebells, Bumble Bee Rescue, Easter Tree, My Completed Rainbow Granny Square Blanket, Sunrise, Wooden Letters, Ziggy Asleep in the Wool Basket, Rainbow Granny Squares.

April:: Lighting Beacons for The Queen's 90th Birthday, Scotney Castle, Crochet Table Runner, Bluebells, My Little Friend Kit, Travels Hamsters at Scotney, Crochet Circles, Budding Tree, Granny Square Baby Blanket.

May:: Travel Friends, EPP Pouches, Summer Felt Wreath, Chailey Common Pony, A Bundle of Blankets, Travel Penguins, Felt Flowers, Ziggy, Geometric Blanket.

June:: Travel Hamsters at Spa Valley Railway, The Colosseum in Rome, Mini English Paper Piecing, Parakeet, Standing on the Meridian Line, Fountain in Rome, The Trevi Fountain, Paper Piecing, Travel Pillow Cover.

July:: Cactus Embroidery, Lily at Kew Gardens, Paper Pieced Bags, Beautiful Sunlit Roses, Nitrogen Ice Cream, Blue Hydrangea, Birthday Sunset on Ashdown Forest, Paper Pieced Bags, Original Stitchscape.

August:: Yarn Bombing in Oxford, Lavender Fields Stitchscape, Donkey at Basildon Park, Sunset Silhouette Stitchscape, Carnival Creatues, Seaside Stitchscape, Mountains Stitchscape, Zebra Finch at Blenheim Palace, Mounted Stitchscapes.

September:: Wheat Fields Stitchscape, Walking in Little Barugh, Apple Picking, Crochet Stone Paperweight, Sunset Stitchscape, Elvis at Pickering Castle, Peacock at Nunnington Hall, Sunset, GirlGuides Carnival Float.

October:: Coffee in the Garden, Halloween Pumpkin, Spooky Flower Bouquet, White Cliffs Stitchscape, Geometric Blanket, Silver Birch Stitchscape, Flowers in Southover Grange Gardens, Misty Mountains Stitchscape, Autumn Leaves.

November:: Flora & Angus, Sunburst Stitchscape, Yarn Bowl, Penguin Place, Supermoon, Framed Stitchscapes, Field of Flowers Stitchscape, Apple & Pumpkin Muffins, Fireworks.

December:: Elf on The Shelf- Flora & Angus Annoying Ziggy, Snow White Panto, Advent Candle, Supermoon Stitchscape, Granny Stripe Blanket Beginnings, Beach Huts Stitchscape, Christmas Present Making, Icy Fennel Pods, My Completed Geometric Blanket.

Of course, you yourselves can also go back and re-read posts if there is something here that catches your eye. Can you believe that this is my 7th year of blogging? All of my previous posts can be found listed on the right hand side of my blog in the drop downs, and if there is a particular type of post or subject you are interested in then you can select from the category section. I am looking forwards to what 2017 will bring!!

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