Saturday, 21 January 2017

Little Squares

What a beautiful Saturday! Crisp and clear with gorgeous sunshine. I am up bright and early today as I have a community Guiding thing to go to later but I wanted to photograph all of my current projects to share with you whilst there is a lovely light to photograph in. I am very much missing waking up in the light and sitting in the sunshine although am starting to notice that it seems to be lighter later on in the evening, roll on Spring I say!

I have been spending my bus travel time keeping my mind off the dark and crocheting my little three-round granny squares. Last year I photographed my squares on the round table outside so that you could see the colours interacting together (see that post here) and I thought I would try it again as it is such fun to play with the squares and the colours, putting them in different orders and stacking them neatly.

There are still lots more colours to be added to this little pile. I discovered a discarded blanket in the attic that was partly made whilst I was at university. The hook I was using was the wrong size so the stitches were coming out incredibly tight and the blanket rippling along super slowly so I put it to one side and started it again with a larger hook to create the finished blanket (The Sister's Sunset Ripple). The first attempt just got packed away but as it is never going to be used for anything I have decided to frog the lot and make them into little squares which should bring some zing to this blanket! There are also several more baskets of bits of wool I have found in the attic (a veritable treasure trove!) so I'll see if any of those are Stylecraft and pop those in.

In true blanket making tradition, the cat is never far away and was watching the stacking, re-stacking, layering and photographing very carefully. He will be called upon at a later date to do his duty and thoroughly test the completed blanket for cat-ability and comfortable-ness, as every cat of the household must.

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