Sunday, 29 January 2017

Year Of The Rooster

Kung Hei Fat Choi! A very merry Chinese Happy New Year! It is of course, year of the Rooster this time around, although I'm not sure I know any Roosters to be able to specifically congratulate them. Our celebrations weren't as grand as last year although we did put up our lanterns and other decorations. I went out for a works leaving do at a Nepalese restaurant (which seems to be a cross between Chinese and Indian cuisine, very nice it was too) and The Parents had a quiet evening in with The Sister and some Chinese food. I received my envelope of lucky chocolate money and other little gifts this morning which is a good way to start the day.

I thought I would show you a sneaky peek of the Moorland CAL, Attic 24 blanket. Only a sneaky one mind, the rest of the crocheting journey will be revealed in the next Winter Project Link Up Party post. I took the blanket to work on yesterday whilst The Parent's and I drove to Eastbourne for a spot of shopping, and discovered that I can complete one whole row in the time it takes to get there. The weather turned on us rather whilst we were popping in and out of the shops, it was brilliant sunshine when we entered the large shopping centre and pouring with rain when we came out the other side! We manfully carried on for a little longer before giving up and racing to the car to find somewhere to have some lunch.

Dad has a favourite picnicking spot in Eastbourne, a little car park right on the seafront a little way away from the town centre so you can look back across the bay and see the pier and parades of seafront shops. Amazingly we outran the rain and was then in a fantastic spot to watch a weather front creep over the cliffs towards us whilst we eked out the last of the sunshine whilst munching on our sandwiches.

We came to this spot for a picnic in April last year too. Funnily enough the weather was pretty much the same then; blustery and cold with spots of rain and sunshine. It's perhaps nicer that way as there aren't many people there to spoil the view and you are guaranteed a parking space!

I really like these breakwater posts, I wonder if I could do another seaside themed stitchscape and have some of these marching in from the side?

I also found some beach treasure to bring home as a momento! Something else to add to my collection of beach finds which I think we all gather in some way, filling our homes with interesting stones, shells, glass and driftwoods. All part of our fascination of the sea.

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