Tuesday, 21 March 2017

In The Studio

Yes! We are at one of those times of year when I get up just minutes before the sun in the morning so that when I come downstairs I am greeted with these glorious views!! The photo above is a bit out of focus as I had to stop whilst walking to the bus stop and take the zoomed in image on my phone. It was really misty and there was this ball of light which looked like it had been caught inside the cloud, oh my, it was breathtaking!

The golden sunrises are just as lovely and it always makes me think of things I could be doing with my stitchscapes. Do you see the layers like I do? Layers of deep purple, or blue perhaps, at the bottom, inching up to different shades of grey and then POW!! with the yellows and oranges, perhaps a gentle lavender at the top.

I can't look at anything now without thinking about how it could be translated into fabric and stitches. The below image could be layers of warm greys and deep chocolate with a hairy fancy yarn to recreate the tree branches, or perhaps layers of fly stitch with different thicknesses overlapping each other.

Saturday was the first day I properly went to my new studio to w.o.r.k. It was rather nice walking there and collecting some poor decapitated Daffodils on the way to put in a pot, then turning on the lights, radio and heating before settling down to trim the edges of all of my new prints. The nicest part was knowing that I could leave it all exactly where I wanted to when I left, rather than having to hastily pile it all up in a corner. It's also really lovely being able to see my previous stitchscapes all out on display, even if it's just me seeing them.

The Moorland Stitchscape and Snowy Alps Stitchscape are now safely in their frames and I also spent a little time mounting up some other stitchscapes ready for framing when I next visit the shed.
My little home away from home!

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