Monday, 13 March 2017

Wendy Lace Shawl

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I was moaning about being given a highly complicated crochet project to make for display purposes at work. It was taking a lot of concentration to start the pattern off as the joining as you go method could go horrifically wrong if you made one wrong move at the very beginning. 
Eventually I cracked it (after much frogging and muttered swearing) and could finally hand it in to await its turn on display changing day. 

As well as the main body of the stole, there was a separate flower fastening which is a bit like a brooch/button to keep the shawl wrapped artistically around you. I think it all looks rather lovely now it's completed, and the yarn- Wendy Fleur DK- is gorgeous! So light and fluffy and soft. It's a pain to undo though as the little fibres knot themselves together, but if you haven't made any mistakes in the first instance it should all be fine.

The pattern for those of you interested is the Wendy Crochet Stole 5994, and the colours I was given to use were:

* 3350 Jasmine * 3351 Stephanotis * 3352 Clematis *

This would be a lovely summers evening stole I think as it is not too hot and looks fabulous! I would be interested to hear if any of you are inspired to make your own, and how you found reading the pattern. Personally I would highly recommend sitting in a room by yourself in peace and quiet so that you don't look too daft when you start counting out loud (or throwing the half finished garment across the floor)!

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