Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Absence Of Colour

I thought I would try something a little different- a stitchscape in black, grey and white! It was an idea that hit me whilst surfing the wonderful world of Pinterest as a couple of beautiful greyscale landscape photos were recommended for one of my (numerous) boards. It got me thinking about what would happen if I took away the colours and relied even more on the textures of the stitches and embellishments to create an interesting piece?

I had a quick trawl through my own landscape photos, turning them greyscale and upping the contrast to indicate more clearly the difference between light and dark. It was good fun actually and helped me to think about the placement of my fabrics. Whilst at Olympia I picked up a tube of scrap greyscale fabrics which have wonderful all over texture prints that I can't wait to start stitching over!

On a couple of my edited images I over-contrasted them and played with the brightness also so that smaller details were wiped out and lines suggesting fabric strips were left. I love the tuftiness of the grass on the left hand side of the above two images- I think it looks kind of like the cross hatched fabric used below, what do you think?

So, my fabrics are all laid down, and I've stuck some textured grosgrain ribbon in there just underneath the sweet house print fabric, now I just have to start stitching and adding beads/sequins/yarns and anything else I can think of to bring this stitchscape to life!

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