Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Golden Glow

Yesterday evening had such a lovely golden glow about it, and I suspect today will be the same. The sun was smiling over the landscape, and I hadn't realised quite how hot it was having spent the entire day in an air conditioned office. The beauty of the evening really made me want to pootle around the garden and inspect enjoy the lovely flowers that are coming through in the flowerbeds and pots.

Now is the time for the stand alone, show-off flowers to appear. We've had the ground covering spectacular flowers (Bluebells and Wood Anemones), and now comes the age of Alliums, frothy Poppies, dish plate sized Clematis, Agapanthus and towering Foxgloves- just to name a few.

These Agapanthuses (Agapanthi?) are really something aren't they? Like frozen fireworks with those star shaped, bristle petals. You could recreate them with stitched crosses, or perhaps work fly stitch into a star shape with a bead or french knot in the the possibilities!

Dad works very hard on his hanging baskets and pots, the garden in general really, and on evenings like this it really pays off. Our front door is to the side of the house so you have to walk down the path through the front garden and wrap around the side to knock on the door- I hope our visitors appreciate the fine floral display that's been put on for them!

It works the other way too. When you leave the house you exit the front door, walk up the shadowy path, and turn the corner into glowing sunshine, surrounded by flowers of all shapes, sizes and colours. It's a very lovely, English country garden experience.

I have been channelling all of this colour and energy and life into my newest stitchscape, which is much simpler in terms of layering. This is because I have a plan! A plan born from a request I received at the Bridge Arts show. I can't tell you any more about it at the moment because it's a secret plan and I don't want to falsely raise any hopes in case it doesn't work out, but I really hope it does! You will know all about it as soon as I can say.

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