Friday, 9 June 2017

Sorrento Sunrise Stitchscape

I've had a really interesting day at the first day of the Bridge Arts show in Uckfield. There are so many really talented artists in the show and it was a bit daunting at first, but happily, everybody is lovely and I'll share a few photos of my stand later this weekend after our second and final day tomorrow. I didn't need to start setting up until lunchtime today, so popped in to the studio this morning to finish mounting and framing a couple of my new Stitchscapes- namely my Sorrento Sunrise Stitchscape!

I was halfway through mounting and framing the piece before I remembered that I hadn't shown you chaps the finished embroidery- so I rushed outside to snap a few pictures on my phone to share with you.
I really like this piece; it is exactly how I found Sorrento to be- colourful, bright, interesting, almost sparkly with the bright white buildings and dazzling shopping streets. The best part about these Stitchscapes is that they all have a story to them- where the inspiration came from, the history of the fabric prints used, or the collections of objects (shells) used as embellishments.

I should maybe write a little blurb about each piece to display at shows so that people have the history behind them- or perhaps put together a little book with images and details for interested parties to flick through.

My favourite part of this piece is the sandy bottom with the hand dyed scrim, different beads, bullion knot barnacles, french knots and Sorrento shells. Having framed and seen this piece mounted on a wall, I also like the way the tiny clear sequins twinkle at you across the room- it is exactly like the flashes of light you get in the sea.
There are lots of holiday memories locked away in this little 'scape, and I hope it will remind others of their trips away as well.

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  1. Such a beautiful work, you are so talented! Good luck in everything)