Saturday, 15 July 2017

Get Your Stash Out

Isn't that a wonderful sight? Anyone who has a stash and a whole afternoon to themselves should get their stash baskets and boxes and bags, and just play! Pile them up in stacks of pattern and colour, theme and shade, even if you have no intention of doing anything with them, just for the fun of it. I actually had some fabrics at the bottom of the stash pile that I have no recollection of buying at all so it was nice to rediscover those again.

I should admit that this table-full isn't my whole stash.... some I left in the basket and others are awaiting re-discovery in the attic. One day it will be their turn to be used in something wonderful and creative.

The reason I started feverishly pulling them all out of their hidey holes is because I was so inspired during last weekend's Bridge Cottage event, with all of the stitchscape themes being thrown around, that I wanted to start all of them at the same time! Ridiculous I know, especially as I can only stitch one 'scape at a time. I did prepare several different sized hoops which are now ready and waiting with the blank canvas (or calico in this case) inviting me to layer up some fabrics. I need to make some more stitchscape minis, and start on some winter season themed 'scapes ready for the coming months, then there are the various themes I could do; green trees, forest, seaside, sunsets, beaches, snow scenes, tulip fields, lavender fields..... the list is endless and so exciting! I need to be more like an octopus, or perhaps one of the multi-limbed Indian Goddesses? Imagine how many stitchscapes they could have on the go at one time!

I settled for starting two stitchscapes for the time being as these designs are the ones shouting loudest to be let out of my creative head. The background in the top image doesn't look like much here, but if you have been following my social media pages you will have seen how this one has been developing into something much more colourful and lively. (More on that to follow in a separate post.)
The bottom image is anything but dull! I have no idea where this one is taking me at the moment but as the fabrics in the purple pile stacked up, this stitchscape kind of developed on its own. I had vague notions about fading purple hills with a glowing sunset in the background, but this one is not going to be a shy retiring stitchscape! Certainly not!

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