Monday, 3 July 2017

Silver & Blue

Silver Birch trees are definitely one of my favourite types of tree- especially the ones that are pure white/silver. They are so fresh and new, and seem kind of special, almost gleaming in the sunshine and standing out proud in the flower beds or woodlands. They have already featured a couple of times in my stitchscapes and no doubt will feature in many more!

I am currently working on a commissioned piece for someone who really liked the Bluebell Woods 'scape, but wanted something a little smaller. I try not to make any repeat pieces, although have realised that Silver Birch trees clearly bring something very strong to mind and I've subconsciously used some of the same fabrics in my trees again in this one. I tried specifically not to look at the Bluebell Woods so that I wouldn't be tempted to repeat anything but apparently this is something deeper set.

I did use some different fabrics though and have therefore used different stitch treatments. The central tree has taken me ages to complete as the stitches are so tiny and fiddly. The print pattern is almost like a random honeycomb, which I have found easiest to stitch as overlapping fly stitches, creating the most amazing texture! I've also played with different thicknesses of whip stitch to finish the edges. Some of the outlines have four or five different wraps in various colours and directions!

I am looking forwards to getting to the Bluebell part and seeing how I can interpret them differently- perhaps using tapestry yarn for the bullion knots to make them really stand out? Or maybe layers of ribbon? We shall see!

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