Saturday, 1 July 2017

♥ Studio Saturday ♥

My weeks are completely full at the moment as we enter the height of summer. I don't know why I am surprised as it happens every year, the days fill up with afternoon teas, dinners with friends, guiding events, BBQs, trips out to various places... I am taking one day at a time and consulting with my calendar on a daily basis to make sure I'm not missing anything.
Every spare minute of the day I am sewing like a demon possessed to embroider new pieces for my upcoming show (next weekend!), low key though it is. You never know who might see you or pass your name on at these things so I am trying to be as professional as possible and, as there will be some familiar faces at this event, it will be nice to surprise them with some new works.

I have been running to the printers in my lunch break to discuss new print sizes and new printed products which is all very exciting. Because I have so many things now, I am almost outgrowing my studio- even though I've only been there a couple of months! The space problem should be alleviated for a little while as we hired my Uncle (handyman extraordinaire!) to install some shelves in there for me. What do you think?
This morning I put the music on and was singing along whilst filling the shelves with the stitchscapes that had been cluttering up the window ledge. Funny how little things like shelves suddenly become of prime importance in your life! They are my favourite part of the studio at the moment, and I couldn't stop rearranging the frames and little leaf bowls, playing with 'shelf placement.' It's a thing I'm sure.

We had quite a bit of rain this week (which didn't help when collecting wood for campfires with the Guides on Thursday- damp sticks do not a good fire make!) and the garden surrounding my studio was looking spectacular because of it.

At one end of the garden is a vegetable patch which has it's own green house and two wide raised beds, as well as fruit trees climbing the surrounding fences. It is a smaller version of the posh kitchen gardens you see at the big old manor houses, and there are fruits, vegetables, herbs and the odd flower bursting out with enthusiastic exuberance.

My Grandmother has her favourites all growing nicely; fat broad beans, runner beans, raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrants, courgettes..... I admit I did sneak a couple of freshly plucked raspberries back to the studio with me. (Don't tell will you?)

Also in the studio I have been framing some more of my stitchscape minis. I do like them with a border, and although the original intention was to keep them as little cards in their own packages, they attracted more attention from the punters when framed so I thought I'd do some more. These are float mounted in tiny little box frames (the inner frame is only 6 inches!) and look so sweet all together.

I shall be taking several of them with me to the Bridge Arts show next weekend, and they will also be appearing in my Etsy shop very soon so if you would like one then pop over and just add them to your basket!

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