Sunday, 15 October 2017

Stop. Sit. Breathe.

Well! It has been a hectic weekend and I feel like I could use a holiday. It's been a good couple of days though, full of fun and stitchscapes! On Saturday The Mother and I had a small stall at Bridge Cottage in Uckfield which was well attended but a little gloomy! The downside of exhibiting in a restored Medieval Weald hall I guess- beautiful and scenic but not many large windows for natural light.

It was the debut outing for my Summer Sweet embroidery kits, wahoooh! That also involved lots of late nights and early mornings putting the kit together. It's amazing how long it takes to cut and string together twenty thread cards with ten colours on each. I really need to find a way of speeding that process up for the future.  I hope that everyone who buys a kit enjoys putting it together and the stitches that are involved. The Mother tells me that she wasn't really enjoying the bullion knots (which I love doing!).

Today has been another hectic day as The Mother and I went to Alexandra Palace for The Knitting & Stitching Show, but I'll tell you more about that in a separate post. We had to get up early to meet our coach and it was rather pretty in the garden with the dew drops sparkling on the spider webs in the early dawn light.

This evening is a time to stop, sit and breathe after all of the excitement of the past days. I thought you might also like a quick update on my current commission and my Gentle Giants stitchscape. I can only show you the back of the commission for obvious reasons but hopefully I'm taking it down the right path.

Gentle Giants is going well I think. The background is now completely finished and I am working on the trees in the foreground. The moon and stars are stitched in DMC silky thread so they have a beautiful lustre that hints at a gentle glow. The moon isn't as showy as the sun so it won't have long rays exploding from it to enhance the impression of light, especially as I'm hoping to put in some thin spidery tree branches around there which might look a bit confusing if the threads are going in all directions.

There is much of the same colours here, but you can see where I have worked more clearly on the back. It's like a colouring book where I have coloured in the sky but have yet to colour in the trees!

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