Sunday, 17 December 2017

Greyscale Commission

I realised that I never showed you my other completed pre-Christmas commission! Well, here it is. The  brief for this one was; 'like the Moon Flower Town original stitchscape but smaller and with lots of pearl beads'. Nice and simple. It had to be greyscale, it had to include the houses, and it had to have sparkly, shiny bits in it with lots of beading, all squeezed into pretty much a squared off version of my Stitchscape minis- about 4 inches square.

I used quite a few of the same fabrics as previously used in Moon Flower Town, the french knot flower layer is the same but in a different colour, and the dark spotty fabric is almost the same except the seed stitches have been contained inside the individual dots this time. The polka dot at the bottom is also similar, but is in white and the dots have been turned into diagonal lines rather than horizontal stripes (it's amazing what you can turn a polka dot pattern into!).

The houses have been outlined in a single strand of backstitch, and the arched windows filled with satin stitches in black and white threads. Some of the windows and bricks have also had a quick little stitch added in them for texture. The flowers at the bottom use several sparkly, metallic threads for the stems, grounded with two tone grey french knots. The heads themselves of course are the show stopper of the embroidery as they almost seem to glow out!
This little piece has already been given to it's commissioner, and is apparently already hanging in pride of place on the wall! Job well done.

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