Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Talking Shop

I've been on holiday for the last couple of days which has allowed me to have some longed for time to sort out various Dotty Textiles things. The Sunflower Meadow Stitchscape is now framed and beautiful. The black frame really makes the yellow tones sing, don't you think? They always look tons better when framed. I've photographed this piece and the Sea Pink Shore piece, and edited the images ready for postcards, greetings cards and prints so hopefully they will be available soon.

I've also been working rather intensely on my Etsy shop which was looking a bit neglected. Several of my original items had not been set to automatically refresh so had removed themselves from the shop completely without my noticing, and have been dragged back kicking and screaming to look presentable and behave themselves.
Yesterday I added images and descriptions of Every. Single. Print that I have on offer- thirty prints in total!! All of my prints come in two sizes (10 inch and 8 inch) with a white mount and backing so they are ready to pop straight into a frame of your choosing. I like to think that they are very good quality and reasonably priced, and hope that you will agree. At my craft fairs I occasionally get punters stroking my prints and cards thinking that they are actually fabric, so they are very much like for like (you can fool visitors into thinking you've bought an original stitchscape if you mount the print in a box frame- who would know?!).
This morning I re-photographed the majority of my original Stitchscape Minis as I wasn't happy with the images that have previously been on there. They were dark and dull and uninteresting. Now though, with the help of my photo lightbox (a Christmas present to myself), hopefully my 'scapes will be better represented through my photos. You can see all of these updated images now in my Etsy shop (yay!).

I have added several new products in the shop too so it is looking rather lovely and diverse! A selection of Pebbles have been added to see how they go, so you can currently purchase a purple, orange, yellow, blue or pink pebble! They are a little bit of fun really, and are not intended for anything other than looking pretty (they are certainly not toys!), although I have suggested that you could add either a magnet for a fridge decoration, or a safety pin to wear the pebble as a brooch. Otherwise, you could always pop it in a section of a vintage printers tray, or just prop it against your books on your bookcase.

Whilst not very glamorous to be kneeling on a slightly damp patio, getting cramp pretty much everywhere whilst putting myself in strange positions to get the best possible camera angles, it was really lovely to be working in the garden outside my studio. It is currently full of baby birds and their hard working parents!

There are at least three baby robins in this slightly dilapidated bird box in the pergola, which make a really strange buzzing noise when either of their parents appear. Almost like when a wasp or bee upends itself and its wings beat along the ground. One very cheeky baby kept leaping up at the entrance to the box when its parents had flown away so we will have to keep an eye on that one to make sure it doesn't fall out! (You can just see him in the above photo.)
Right on the other side of the studio wall is a blackbird's nest with at least two (counting the greedy beaks) chicks in it. Mum spends a lot of time sat on the nest watching me march in and out of the studio and will only leave when Dad returns with beakfuls of grubs and other yummy things. I look forwards to watching the studio babies get bigger!
If you are interested in having a browse through my Etsy shop shelves, then please do click HERE to be redirected. It would be lovely if you are able to favourite my shop, and if you do kindly purchase something, leave me a review or a comment so I know you have received the item safely and without issue.

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