Button Mushrooms

 Righto then, here we go!! To make button mushrooms, you will need:
-A rectangle of fabric (for the stalk) measuring 10cm x 8cm
-A small circle of felt (for the bottom of the stalk) measuring 3 cms in diameter
-Two ovals of different coloured felt (for the mushroom head) measuring approximately 9 cms x 8cms (we'll get on to the hole in the second one later)
-A selection of buttons
-A small round(ish!) stone
-Toy stuffing
-Embroidery thread
-Needle, Pins & Scissors (you know the drill!)

 To begin, take the rectangle of fabric and fold in half width ways, right side facing inwards. Pin and stitch about half a centimetre from the edge- back stitch is neatest. Turn the fabric the right way round to make a neat tube.

 Take the little circle of felt and, tucking the rough edges of the fabric tube under, stitch around the circle until the felt is securely attached and forms a flat bottom. (Whip stitch works best) You could try putting in a small amount of stuffing into the tube before stitching to help keep a nice shape.

 Put a small amount of stuffing in the bottom of the tube, then add the stone (this will act as a weight and help keep your mushroom standing up), and fill the rest of the tube with stuffing. Make sure to fill in any gaps at the bottom of the tube, pushing the stuffing all the way around the pebble. Put this to one side.

 Next up is the head of the mushroom. Taking the top piece of felt, sew on your buttons in a random scatter across the felt (you could make them into a pattern if you want to).

Taking the second oval piece of felt which is for the bottom of the mushroom head, you need to cut a circle out of the middle to sew the stalk to. So using the shape for the bottom of the stalk, draw round or pin it to the centre and cut out the circle.
Once you have a circle cut out of the middle, stitch the two oval pieces together (whip stitch is best for this).

Once you've stitched all the way around the edge and fastened off, stuff with the toy stuffing.

Now comes the tricky part!! Fold over the edge of the stalk to neaten as you did for the bottom, and stitch the mushroom head to the stalk. Use smaller whip stitches for the initial round, and then once the head is secure, go round again with longer stitches to make the 'frills' of the mushroom.

Handy tip: When fastening off your thread, tie the knot and then make a random stitch through the mushroom and snip the thread as close to the felt as you can. This makes a neat end and no visible loose threads.

And there you have it!! A very cute mushroom!
You could always experiment more with this pattern, double the sizes and make bigger ones! Use beads, sequins or small circles of fabric to decorate rather than buttons, and of course, play with colours and types of fabric!!

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