Felt Elephants

Hi Guys! Ok so this is the long over due tutorial for my little felt elephants. This pattern has been adapted from a Mollie Makes design.
First up, you will need:
-Coloured felt
-Sewing cotton (or embroidery threads)
- Toy stuffing
-Two small black beads
-Variety of beads, ribbons, buttons, sequins, ric rac etc
-Scissors, needles, pins...
-The pattern pieces!! Look below...

Click here to download the PDF file. (Hopefully it works- it's my first time actually drawing and sharing a pattern!!)
Right then, let's crack on!
Begin by cutting out two of every pattern piece, except for the tail as you only need one. (I have drawn a few suggestions for coats so you can decide which one you like best or design your own.)
Taking the two coat sections, choose your embellishments to make a pretty decoration. (Here I have used tiny round beads and ric rac.)
Stitch them on any way you like- I have found with ribbons or couched threads, the neatest way of finishing them is to fold them underneath the felt and trap them in the last few stitches. Don't forget though, these will need to go on either side of the elephant so stitch the opposite sides!
Set the coat aside.
Taking the ears, make a simple running stitch all the way around.
So that is all the decorative bits done!
Line up the coat to the edge of the elephant piece, I often overlap the coat slightly to make it easier to stitch up later. Make a simple running stitch along the edges that are not along the edge of the elephant as these will be stitched later.
Now for the ears. I like my ears to be 'flappy' so stitch over the top four stitches on either side of the ear. If you don't want your ears to 'flap' sew all the way around.
Next, stitch on your beady eyes. Try to line these up as much as possible.
Match up the two sides of your elephant, and starting next to the coat at the top, blanket stitch all the way around until you reach the back of the back leg.
Insert your tail between the two sides of the elephant and carry on stitching. When you reach the tail, whip stitch through it. Fasten off your thread at the bottom of the coat.
Begin stuffing your elephant, starting from the trunk and working the stuffing with a pencil or dowelling stick. It might be a little fiddly and take some time but be patient! Top tip: Use tiny amounts of stuffing at a time as it is easier to push into position.

When the trunk is stuffed to your satisfaction, begin stuffing the rest of the body, taking particular care of the feet. You can have your elephant as hard or as squishy as you like!

To close up, start at the bottom of the coat and blanket stitch along the edge. You may find you need more stuffing in the elephant's back so stuff as you go. Fasten off when you have stitched all the way around and there you have it!

Now you know how easy they are to make, you can start churning them out! They make great little presents, although be careful with the small parts for young children.
Watch your herd grow!!

Try different designs on the coat, change the colours and the embellishments, or the style of coat. Try different coloured elephants too- maybe an orange or blue one! If you are really adventurous, you could try a patchwork one!

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