Friendship Bracelets

Right then, this tutorial is for friendship bracelets. It is using a well known pattern, not one I have made myself, and this is just to show you the basics, then you can experiment yourself!!
This is a really simple design, only using three colours.

There are two ways to begin: firstly, you could cut three lengths of thread about 65-70 inches long, fold them in half and tie a knot, leaving about half an inch as a loop.

Or secondly, if you don't have such long pieces of thread, you need six lengths about 30-35 inches long, tied together at the top, with a second knot about a centimetre or two below.

Separate the strands into colours. I've numbered mine here for ease to demonstrate to you.

You start from the middle and work outwards. Pick up the left number one strand and keep hold of it! This is going to be your working thread for the time being.

Ok, we are working left to right, so with the thread you are holding, fold it over the right number one thread to make a kind of number four shape.

Bring the working thread underneath the right number one, through the loop created by the four shape. (Click on the photos to enlarge them and get a closer look if you need to)

Holding on to both threads, pull the working thread up towards the big knot at the top, you'll see the loop moving with it, and pull tightly to create the first knot. Repeat this to create two knots.
Hanging on to the working thread, we do the same knotting technique, but this time on the right second thread (two knots per thread)...

...and on the right third thread.

Leave the working thread on the end, and return to the middle with the second number one thread. 

This is now your working thread, and we are going from right to left with the remaining threads in a kind of mirror image.
Pick up your working thread and lay it in a backwards four shape over the left number two thread.

Bring the working thread underneath the left number two and through the loop created. Hold on to both threads and pull the working thread up towards the big knot. Pull tightly and repeat so you have two knots.

Do the same for the left number three thread (remember, two knots!).
You will have noticed that the threads that were your number ones, are now threes, and the number twos are ones.

So now you have the pattern and technique it is a simple matter of repeating it. Two knots on each thread, beginning with the left hand number one and working outwards to the right, then returning to the middle for the remaining number working and working outwards to the left. It is surprising how quickly you can pick it up and the chevron pattern appears almost as quickly.

I have also tried adding a bead to the left hand number one before I start the knotting. So thread on your bead to the current working thread...

...push it up to the top and then continue in the usual way.

The bead gradually gets embedded and pushed out the other side of the bracelet (the side facing down is the front, and the side you can see facing upwards is the back).

When you get nearer to the end, you will need to tie off. The way I like to do it, is to separate the six strands into three and then plait the rest of the way down, knotting at the end to finish.

So there you have it!! A gorgeous friendship bracelet you could swap with your friend or keep for yourself.

To tie it round your wrist, either secure the two plaits through the loop if you went for the longer threads, or through the threads between the knots if you went for the shorter ones.

I mentioned earlier about these being the basics- you could adapt this design by adding small beads on more threads, playing with different kinds/weights of yarn, working with more yarns at the same time (just keep working out toward the edge), doing more knots on one thread (how about five instead of two?) playing with colours etc.
They don't have to be bracelets either. How about bookmarks, curtain ties, or even a belt!
Once you make one, you won't be able to stop so have fun with it!!

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