Half Hexagon Crochet Shapes

Hi All, and welcome to the tutorial for these little half hexagon shapes- these match up with the full hexagon shape designed by Lucy from Attic 24, so if you are wanting to know about the full shape then hop on over and come back to me later, go on, off you go!! See you in a bit!!

Ok, so welcome back to those who have zipped over to Attic 24 and whipped up a beautiful hexagon creation, or to those who have stayed with me and just want me to get on with it!

Just to let you know, the full hexagons in my cushion cover have another round added to them to create a wider white border, so please bear that in mind as my half hexagons will also have an extra round added to them. (I have also used a 3mm hook (for UK peeps) and an assortment of acrylic yarns)

Chain 4 then make a slip stitch into the first chain to form a magic circle. Chain 3 (counts as one treble).

Make 8 treble stitches into the circle. Slip stitch into the third chain from the beginning.

Change colour (turn your work) and chain 4 (acts as one treble stitch plus a chain stitch).

Working in the gaps between the treble stitches, you need to make a bobble stitch, basically two unfinished treble stitches joined together at the end...I'll talk you through it. Begin a treble stitch- yo, through the stitch, yo, back out, yo, through two loops, stop! Into the same space, yo, through the stitch, yo, back out, yo, through two loops, yo, through the remaining three loops. There are pictures of this process below if you need more help.

So that is one bobble stitch (above). Continue working this stitch all the way around, until you get to the final space where you make a simple treble stitch instead.

Change colour (turn your work). Chain 4 (acts as one treble and a chain stitch).

In this round you will be working out of the chain gaps of the previous round. * 3 treble stitches all into the same gap, chain 1* all the way around until the final chain gap where you instead make only 1 treble stitch.

Change colour (turn your work). Make a slip stitch into the chain gap of the previous round.

Chain 3 and make a slip stitch into the next gap- continue all the way around.

Chain 4 (acts as one treble plus a chain stitch). Turn your work.

Now you will be working off of the chain lengths of the previous round. Work 3 treble stitches under the first chain section, chain 1. Repeat this in the next chain section.

In the third chain section you need to make a corner, so work 3 tr, 1 ch, 3tr, 1 ch in the same space.

In the 4th chain section it is back to a simple 3 tr, 1 ch, in the 5th section make another corner and in the final two sections work 3tr, 1 ch.
Now we have to make a single treble stitch to make sure we keep the numbers even, so under the stitch you made to join a new colour on make a treble stitch (alternatively, if you join colours differently, make your treble stitch into the top of the treble of the previous round).

This is where we get to the bit I mentioned earlier- I have been working a double border so this pattern goes on to make another round which is joined straight to the large working piece. If you were wanting to join as you go then take a look below to get an idea of how you do it (it's peasy!), although if you were wanting to join with only a single layer of border then you may have to do a bit of unravelling...

To make another border layer, I simply repeat the previous round, working in the chain gaps and taking into account the larger size and number of gaps. Keep the corners where they are and remember the treble stitch on the end- which will be made slightly differently, so in the final gap, work 3tr, 1 ch, 1tr to finish the round.

To join as you go, you are matching up the chain gaps in the pattern but instead of making a ch gap, slip stitch through the matching gap on the other crocheted piece and then carry on as normal. Make sure you get each matching hole (and for matching up the corners, work half of the corner and use the separating chain stitch as your slip stitch then finish the corner).

When you have matched up all the relevant sides, go back to working normally with chain gaps until you finish the round.

So I hope that makes sense, if you have any questions or need any advice then don't hesitate to ask. Enjoy! =D


  1. Just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for posting this tutorial. I did a baby quilt using Lucy's hexagon and was having a very tough time figuring out the half hex to match it. You saved me!!

  2. Thank you! Just what I needed, works perfectly!