Waterlily Broach

This is the 'how-to' for the waterlily broach I made in May.You will need:
-Three colours of wool for the flower
-Two colours of wool for the leaves
-A button for the centre
-Two circles of green felt
-A Safety Pin
-Embroidery Thread

For this tutorial, I am using a 3.5mm hook (UK size)

For the Flower:
Round One: With your first colour (the middle colour for the flower) ch 6, loop round and join in first st to form a magic ring. *3dc, 2ch* into the middle of the ring. Repeat from * to * 7 more times (8 in total- it's a bit of a squeeze but keep pulling the stitches around the ring so that they all fit). Join with a sl st into the top of the first dc.

Round Two: Change to your second colour, turn the work and do 4tr sts in each of the ch gaps of the previous round. Join with a sl st to the top of the first tr st and fasten off.

Round Three: For your third colour (the outer petals of the flower), *insert the hook into the central dc of a group of 3 in the 1st round, loop the wool over the hook and pull through the st. Stretch to the top of the second round and sc into the st directly above where the hook was. (Make sense?) Dc  in the next st, then 2tr, 2 ch, 2tr in the next st, dc in final st.* Repeat from * to * all the way around. Join with a sl st into the bottom of the first petal and fasten off. (8 petals in total)

For the Leaves:
Round 4: Turn the flower over so you are working on the back. Join the new colour (for the middle of the leaves) on at the st (from round 2) between the petals. *Ch 4 and sc in the the next st between the petals. Ch 7. Insert hook 1 ch from the hook and sc 6 back down the 'spoke'*. Repeat from * to * all the way around, join with a sl st into the first st. Fasten off. (7 'spokes' in total)

Round Five: Turn the flower again so that you are working from the front (petals facing upward). Join a new colour (for the outer leaf) in one of the centre ch sts between two 'spokes'. *1tr into the base of the 'spoke', then 2tr, 1dc, miss a st, picot with 2chs (this should take you to the tip of the leaf). For the other side, work in reverse- miss a st, 1dc, 2tr, 1tr. Sc into the middle ch st between the next 'spoke'.* Repeat * to * all the way around, then sl st into the bottom of the first leaf.

You have now completed the flower!!! To turn it into a broach measure the circle made by the leaves at the back of the flower, make a paper template and cut two felt circles- these should fit nicely into the circle, slightly overlapping the chain stitches (the dark green inner rim in my photos-my circle was about 5cms in diameter). Take one of the felt circles and hold it in position. On the other side of the flower, place a button over the central hole (it should be slightly larger than the hole to make sure it doesn't slip through)- stitch the button to the felt, sandwiching the flower in-between.

Take the second felt circle and stitch the safety pin to the middle.

Then lay the second circle over the top of the first one, and using blanket stitch, stitch the second circle to the inner rim of the flower, catching the first circle whilst you stitch. This makes a neat edge and means that the felt circles aren't flapping away from the flower.

So there you have it!! A waterlily flower broach! Let me know how you get on!

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