Fork Pom Poms

So here we are then, fork pom poms. Easy peasy!!

So then chums, all you need is a bundle of wool, a fork and a pair of scissors.

Cut a length (about 20-30 centimetres) and fold it over the fork down the middle.

Take the end of the ball of wool and start wrapping it around the fork, building it up to a decent width (don't cut the end of the wool you have been wrapping).

When you are happy with the amount of wool on your fork, take the piece you folded over at the beginning and bring it over the wrapped wool, tie it REALLY tightly, several times to make sure.

Cut the wool attached to the ball, then cut the wrapped wool at the edge of the fork- both sides!

Take the wool off the fork (and hope it doesn't fall apart!)

Your pom pom will need trimming down to create a nice shape, and may appear slightly flatter than the circle cardboard created pom poms. When trimmed, add it to your pile!!!

Caution, they are addictive and you may find yourself making more than you wanted!!

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