Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Eager Christmas Beaver!

I just wanted to share some Christmas cheer with you. Some may think it odd or too early, but I have put up my Christmas tree already!

I am not the only one getting in the Christmas spirit though as at the weekend Leicester's lights were switched on to the delight of many. They are really very good and are all covered in tinsel! I have tried to upload a video of the countdown, although I'm not sure if it will work or not as it is the first time I have tried uploading videos. Here's hope they work though!!

The lighting ceremony was amazing, there was an Ice Prince and Princess on stilts wandering around, along with a snowman and a lovely lady in a ballgown who I had a picture taken with.
There was a stage where we were entertained with carols from the Super 8 Singers (called so because there are eight of them...whether they were super or not I couldn't tell you because I was at the back and couldn't quite hear them), the Leicester Youth Brass Band and a Status Quo tribute act. There was even fake snow!!!

 Our town Christmas tree!!

Also at the moment there are two set ups near the town hall with animals from Beatrix Potter and Alice in Wonderland, these were all lit up and the characters move which is charming.

All in all a very Christmassy evening. Especially considering that me and a few flatmates had spent the day wandering around the first Christmas market. It had some lovely stalls, although a disappointing lack on mince pies. There were only two stalls with mince pies, but several selling samosas!

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