Monday, 29 June 2015

Inchie Postcards

I am coming on in leaps and bounds with my new hexagon blanket. I have now made at least two squares in each colour- some of them look a little similar in the photo but they aren't in real life believe me- and am loving how they work together.

(To flower or not to flower, that is the question?) I am debating on whether or not to have a kind of colour tone thing happening, a dark to light thing or just a careful spacing of colours thing. Lots to be thinking about whilst these fly off of the hook!

But, today is not about crochet, 'tis about postcards!! With inchies on!

This gorgeous piece of artwork is by the talented Annie. The textures in this you would not believe. Some kind of felted (probably by hand) background with tiny delicate machine zig zag stitches, encircling four squares made from some kind of textured and painted fabric/card/clay, on which sit four miniature little beads and an embossed clay pebble (for want of a better word). It is really lovely and a new treasure for my collection.

Then we come to Wendy's very fresh looking piece, with lots of layers in it itself. A layer of striped fabric briskly brushed with gold paint is slightly hidden behind a layer of green organza, heated in places to melt and remove it to show the layer underneath. The inchies are more layers of the green organza with playful machine stitches over the top. Another treasure to add to my album!

A fantastic swap with some brilliant results from the ladies- such gorgeous post to receive on such a lovely day!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Block Colours

I have been inspired. INSPIRED my friends!!! As I mentioned in my last post, the BHB ta-daah, an idea has been brewing in the back of my creative mind for a little while, involving a set amount of colours, specially chosen and with planned placement within the project.

I popped into town yesterday to our local craft shop and spent a little while playing with the wools, putting together different arrangements, deciding against a certain colour and picking another one instead. Above are the colours I have chosen from the double knit Special Stylecraft range- they have such a magnificent range of colours and really are my favourite brand of acrylic wool. They are soft to the touch unlike other brands which I have often found to be slightly coarser and more fluffy in texture. Stylecraft tend to be soft and smooth straight from the start whereas others take a little while to soften down. (This is just my opinion and I still love to mix and match brands.)

This image on Pinterest really clinched my idea. The link to this leads to a site called Ravelry which has all sorts of inspirations and pattens on it. The link to the free Hex Scrap Afghan pattern can be found here.
So, if you haven't already guessed, I am going to try a blanket with block colour hexagons! I have tried block colours for the traditional granny squares but never for hexagons and I am really quite excited about it. Naturally I have jumped straight into production and am well on my way. I have decided to stick to my tried and tested pattern, the same one used in all of my other hexagon blankets, but to add a couple more rounds than I would usually to make these shapes the size of a tea plate.

They are a little bit crumpled looking so I might have to try my hand at some blocking to make a really nice even shape but so far so good. I might even like this pattern more when in one colour  rather than in lots of colours! You can really see the shapes and stitch patterns this way rather than be distracted by all of the different colours.

And of course, the best way to make a blanket is outside in the garden with a small companion to keep you company- until it starts raining that is!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Big Hexagon Ta-Daah!

Exciting news chaps!! I have finished my big hexagon blanket!! I started it at the end of May (here) and quite literally finished it this afternoon so am quite chuffed.
It has been such a lovely day as well, the blanket seems imbued with sunshine.

It's funny how colours seem so much richer in the summertime. They are bolder, brighter, more luminous.

Ziggy is super excited about this big reveal, can you tell? Wide eyed and jumping for joy.... or not.

Sooo, are YOU ready???



It is actually quite big, 11 hexagons by 17 hexagons with 10 rounds on the edging- a combination of treble and double stitches. The bonus of this blanket is that it has been such a wool eater!! I used up loads of odd balls of wool, so much so I now feel I can start to (very carefully) replenish my wool stash.

The hexagons in this blanket are one round larger than in my previous blanket. Weirdly, when the two of them are put next to each other the hexagons seem to be the same size, but on closer inspection I think I have used a larger hook on my older blanket so the shapes have come out larger.

See what I mean?

I'm thrilled with this blanket and have been inspired to continue playing with the hexagon shapes. A new project has been brewing in my crazy tangled creative mind, and I will reveal more about it very soon.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Seven Swans A Swimming

I wanted to share with you yesterday's stitchery- my Seven Swans A Swimming ATCs. (The six other swans have just swum out of the picture, but I managed to capture the seventh!)

I had great fun with bondaweb on this project. It really is a brilliant invention, iron on the paper side, peel it off, layer fabrics and papers on top of it and then iron it down. Brilliant!! No stitching at all and a fab way of making a quick background. I have layered up some paper and fabric scraps that give a watery impression, then stitched a multi-layered swan on top to hold it.

I thought it needed some greenery so added some paper and bead foliage.

Overall, I think they are rather handsome. I hope that the recipient of this card likes it.

August Cottage

My Grandmother is selling her house and downsizing to one with a smaller garden. It is such a shame as her current house is absolutely beautiful and the garden has many years of hard work in it which are really paying off, especially in the summertime. She has a dedicated vegetable patch, large green house, loads of nicely striped lawn, patio areas on the front and back and the most amazing collection of bright and beautiful plants. I shall be sad not to see this place any more and wander around the garden looking at all of the pretty plants, sneaking a few currants from the bushes and watching wildlife at the pond. But no doubt when she gets her new garden up and running it will be just as beautiful- if a little smaller.

We are feeling the need to take as many photos as we can to preserve the memory of the garden, so I hope you don't mind if I share a few with you?