Friday, 31 January 2014

Stitching Chimneys

Evening Everybody! I have been meaning to write this post for a while but kept forgetting to take the required photos. As you have probably guessed, the current project is based on chimneys!
I often show you all the finished pieces or pieces in progress but I thought this time I would show the working process. Usually I start with my own photographs and edit them on Photoshop, although for this project I found a fabulous filter on Microsoft Word which made the photos go all arty and outlined!

The slightly sepia coloured ones are negative photocopies (brilliant technique, throws out all sorts of amazing colour combinations), the one below is the original filtered photo.

Following photo manipulation comes stitchy practice. I am favouring whip stitch at the minute as it gives a fabulously strong outline. The focus in these tests is to achieve different qualities of line, what do you think?

 After testing the stitches, there is nothing left for it than to take a deep breath and try a full on image!!

The majority of dark lines in this picture are created through couching a cotton yarn. I have also played with back stitch, running stitch, whip stitch, french knots, long stitch, (I can't remember what the brick stitch is called, but that one as well), and some machine stitching.

It took a very long time to create the piece above, and naturally the tutors loved and it want more! So it is on to the next one, translating the photo image to the fabric (through the highly technical technique of tracing it on with a pencil) and seeing where the stitches take me!! I will let you know how it goes!

Happy Chinese New Year!!


This year is the year of the Horse, and The Mother has sent me a suitably themed parcel! (Not horsey- New Year-y.) Do you like my card? I believe it is hand coloured by The Mother herself.  

Considering it is the New Year, I had a discovery this morning in the garden. Underneath all of the overgrowth (is that a word?)- for example the budlia filled shed- are new little shoots peeping out above the ground.


Whilst on the road to discovery in the garden, I was very taken with these little plants growing out of the window. (You know me and weird things.)

And the windowsill itself is very interesting. Look at the years of history reflected in the peeling paint, three different colours!!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

♥♥♥ Cosy ♥♥♥

Ahh, my room felt very cosy last night. There were lit scented candles making the room smell AmAzInG, the radio was playing 80s music and the lights were dim.

I was working on a sample piece for my university project- can you see the layers of chimney silhouettes?

The colours of my room are spilling through into the kitchen as well with a bunch of tulips that were bought on a shopping trip yesterday morning (whilst the sun was still shining- it soon turned to thunder, lightening, hail, rain and wind!!). Aren't they pretty?

Friday, 24 January 2014

Black & White

How cute is that kitty cat? My sister keeps sending me sweet photos of my little feline friend which is very nice of her. Not as good as cuddling the real thing though.
I have been working on my latest set of ATCs this evening. Black and white is the theme this time around. I think we have done this theme before but you can never have too many of the classic colours!! I have strung beads onto very thin wire and then stitched flowers over the top to help hold the wire in place.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

3 Museums, 1 Day!

Hellloooo out there!! Yesterday myself and Lucy took ourselves on a little trip to the big city. We had a mission to visit three museums in a day so that I could gather research for my university project. We booked a coach to London and had to get up incredibly early (5am!!!!) to get the maximum out of the day. First up, was the British Museum to look at their Greek and Roman things.

The outside is very impressive isn't it?

And the inside!!

Unfortunately for me, there weren't a lot of the Roman artifacts and mosaics that I had been hoping for, so it was on to the next museum-- The Museum of London!

This was much better for Roman things. Gorgeous mosaics and little room mock ups of shops and houses. So interesting! (As was the whole museum!! It takes you through all of the different ages of London- utterly fascinating.)

Finally we hopped back on the tube and headed to the Natural History Museum. This was mainly for Lucy's benefit as she was desperate to see the dinosaurs. Have you ever stopped and really looked at the building itself? The architecture and ornate carvings are incredible!!! Just as amazing as the items, objects and bones that the building houses.

How cute are those baby dinos?

I think this big globe escalator thing is one of my favourite parts of the NHM. Totally awe inspiring watching it loom ever closer!

Having wandered around all three museums, gathering inspiration, research and knowledge, we wearily made our way back towards the coach station, stopping only to have our tea in a quaint pizzeria. Such a long and tiring day, but very much worth it!!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Animal Magic

Afternoon Chaps!!! How are we all? I am pleased to report that the boiler is fixed!!! Heat is coursing through our radiators and the house is slowly beginning to dry out and return to normal, our shiny new boiler humming quietly to itself in the utility room. I have been keeping busy at uni, doing lots of research and drawings for the new project, and trying to catch up on letter writing, other projects and jobs! (I still have to hoover today though.)
The Mother left a package hidden in my room with strict instructions to not open until today, which I adhered to most carefully. This morning though was another matter and the brown paper was ripped away and the lid slowly pulled open to reveal...Animal Magic!! Chocolates(!!), and socks and a gorgeous Scottie dog made by Mum!!! The pattern for this little fella was in one of the Sew and Stitch magazines, although apparently he has been shrunk in size, and fits very well in the palm of my hand.

There was also a very quaint sheep/heart garland which is now hanging down by the side of the fireplace.

One of the projects I have been catching up on is the Sew and Stitch squares. The Mother reminded me that we are due another bundle of magazines in the next few weeks so I though I had better get cracking. Last night I made another bunting one (love bunting!), which has lovely rows of white running stitch under the colourful triangles.

The next one to do is a blanket stitched kite, fluttering around with ribbons on its tail. I'd better get a move on.