Friday, 4 May 2012

Blooming Flower Cushion

A few days ago I mentioned my new project- the blooming flower cushion found on the Attic24 blog. Well yesterday the cushion pads I bought from ebay arrived, much to my excitement!!

The front part fitted the pad exactly!

And this spurred me on to get it all finished (so that I would concentrate on the mixed media work over the weekend rather than crocheting!!), so this morning I worked away and finally....

Ta-Dah!!!! It is so cute and cuddly and tactile and pretty and, and, and!!! I am very much in love with this little addition to my crochet cushion I have another round cushion pad so I guess another one will be on it's way shortly. Once I have finished my uni work of course....
If you are also in love with this gorgeous cushion, then here is the pattern from Attic 24!

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