Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Message To The Universe

Ssssh, don't tell anyone I've posted on here- I'm supposed to be preparing for a presentation that I am giving in a few hours!! I've never done one before though so it's very nerve wracking and am going with the theory that if I don't practise my speech to myself in the mirror then it won't happen and I won't have to say anything!!! (A ridiculous theory I know so after writing this I will go and do some work, promise!)
The presentation is about the work I have done on the Treasure box I made in the summer. It has now been developed into three trend boards, an inspiration book and a power point. I shall give you a quick run down:

Board 1: Inspirational Images & Colour

             Board 2: Materials & Colour Proportions

Board 3: Trend Barometer- basically trends that I think are on their way out or in, based around my trend. This is actually the second trend barometer board I made, very last minute, last night!!
The inspiration book is full of the images and bits and bobs that I had in my Treasure Box, but then the tutors wanted nicely in a book.

So anyway, that all comes to a close this afternoon.

Changing topic completely, myself and the flatmates I am moving in with later this year, now have to find a new flatmate as one has dropped out for personal reasons. A concerned mother suggested that we should write to the universe to request a nice person to live with. So we wrote a list, turned it into an origami swan, and released it onto the canal to be swept away and hopefully eventually read by the universe who will send us someone lovely.

It didn't stay upright for very long, so I'm not sure whether that is a good or bad omen. Although it might have had something to do with the fact that the canal has flooded with the amount of water bucketed down from out of the sky recently and the water was flowing very fast.

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  1. Ooh I love the way you've put your presentation tgether and all the things in your book. I hope the universe sends you a great flatmate. Maybe the swan didn't fall over, it just fell down, and you're going to get a flatmate who's quiet and sleeps a lot!