Monday, 22 April 2013

Sunny Sun Days

Wasn't the weekend gorgeous?!?!!?! I spent most of Saturday sat outside in the garden working on some complicated sewing techniques...

The sky was blue with little fluffy clouds floating across...

And there was just enough of a breeze for me to dry TWO loads of washing!!!

I was very good and put on some sunscreen- wouldn't want to get burnt!!

Lets have another peek at the sky.... it changed shades of blue quite regularly that day. Sometimes it was almost violet in colour!

The Mother had left me a lovely parcel to open on Sunday when the parents dropped me off last weekend, and terribly, I have been so stressed with work I had completely forgotten and she had to ring me TWICE before I remembered to open it!
She had made me this lovely Mollie Makes rabbit from Issue 25 who was very helpful in assisting me with some stitching.

Also in the parcel was a very indulgent hot chocolate treat...

 And this Baby Bear grass head  who has yet to sprout any hair.

Oooh and I must just show you (because this is very exciting), my Amaryllis has produced this little green shoot!! I was convinced I had killed it but kept watering it just in case, and this morning noticed this little sprouting of hope!! So I am very excited!

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