Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A Felt Fueled Day Off

Phew! What a packed 'felty' day off I have had. After the success of the stockings at the weekend, I thought I made would as many as I could out of the remaining bits of felt to sell at the late night shopping evening in my town. I have made them slightly smaller than the original design so that I could fit a few more stocking shapes out of the felt and managed to get four! The process of putting them together is still the same and hopefully someone will like them enough to buy them and help raise funds to send the girls to a big camp next year.

Ziggy was supervising from the washing basket. He was paying lots of close attention and inspecting my stitching from afar. There was no sleeping involved at all. And there weren't little feline snores emanating from that corner of the kitchen- at all.

On Friday we are also playing the 'Candy Cane Game' to help raise money. I have punched holes into the top of the box and we will stick candy canes into the holes, some with coloured bottoms. If you pick the cane with a coloured bottom then you get a prize! Hopefully this will be a roaring success.

And still with bits of felt leftover I thought I would make some quick(ish) Christmas decorations to sell. These are the ones I have made so far. We will see if I can find the time to make some more before Friday evening!

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