Friday, 26 August 2011


I have recently been given my summer work from university (less than a month now before I go!!!), and one of the things is to collect images, artefacts, general inspirational bits and bobs, and to put them together in either a file or a box. I have been collecting things like this for years so no hardship there, and I went with the box idea to keep it all in.
Having spotted an old shoe box lying around the kitchen, I thought I would give decoupage a go and use up some of the images I have been collecting to decorate the box as well. It makes it an original storage box and has my personality and interests stuck all over it!!

The definition of decoupage is: 'The technique, art or process of decorating a surface with shapes or illustrations cut from paper, card etc'

And it is literally just that! Dead simple.
Before I show you my own attempt, here are some other objects that can be decoupaged!

You can literally do anything you like- just make sure you are sticking your images on a clean surface and that they are well stuck down with glue.

Here is my attempt:

The paper from some of the thinner magazines has wrinkled a little bit but I kind of like that as it adds texture. Hopefully my university will like it too

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