Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mollie Makes Magazine

My lovely mother and I have discovered a fab mag called Mollie Makes and we are completely hooked! A monthly publication, it has lots of crafty ideas to fill your home with and a cute kit to get you started!

So far there have been 4 magazines published, and they are sold in WH Smiths, Sainsburys, Asda and other big supermarket chains or craft shops.

I have already started making the kits- the first one was an iPod sock made from felt (they have a bit of an obsession with felt)...

I did find that they didn't put in enough white felt- there is supposed to be a white border underneath the folded top edge but other than that, it was the simplest pattern in the world to follow and the felt is of a really nice compressed quality.
I was on holiday in London at the time of making so had limited thread colours with me- mainly black and a very pale duck egg blue- which has resulted in my style of stitching (the example photo on the kit shows stitching in matching colours for each section in a neat running stitch). I am still really proud of my new iPod holder and use it all the time!
The template for this can also be found on their website along with many other templates from across their magazines (although I really recommend buying the mag itself as the quality is lovely and it's always nice to have something to hold and refer to quickly!)

My Mum has also been very inspired by a pattern for jammy dodgers made from felt!

Tea and biscuits anyone?

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