Friday, 5 October 2012

Cosy Disasters

Evening All!! I just wanted to share with you how cosy my room is looking this evening. I have invested in another Wilko table lamp to brighten up my desk as I couldn't see a thing when I was working. As the days are getting colder I appreciate my room more than ever, especially when it is looking as lovely as it is this evening- makes my heart squeeze with happiness!!

Something that doesn't make my heart squeeze with happiness is the room above mine, which we have been having problems with water leaks in. A lovely chap came round this morning to re-wallpaper the ceiling, pulled off some of the old wallpaper and the whole lot came crashing down around his ears (luckily he wasn't hurt). So now the room looks more like this...

Not very nice at all!!! And there is even worse news to come- apparently the whole of that ceiling is just like that and the whole lot may have to be redone completely! I'm not entirely sure what that entails as there is an en suite bathroom above it (the cause of all the leaks). The poor girl who is supposed to be living in this room has had to camp out with a friend! Goodness knows when she will be able to get back in there, it is completely uninhabitable.
The annoying thing is, is that it isn't our fault at all. The leak had been going for a while (beginning with the previous tenants) and had rotted the ceiling over the summer, only to be discovered when we moved in and started using the facilities again. Goodness me, the drama!!
Still, never mind, I shall stay in my lovely bedroom (and hope the same thing doesn't happen to me) and gaze at my cute new little glass bottles- another Wilko purchase.

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