Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Glass Painting!!

Evening All!! Do you like my newly decorated glasses? I do love glass paints so ordered some from t'internet at the weekend. They arrived today and leaped straight onto my plain boring old glasses.
Look how cute this old baby food jar looks! All because of a lick of paint!

On a different note, I spent hours and hours in the workshop today touching up my textile samples and learning some new techniques. Want to see what happened??

Before.....                                                             After....
 (I painted and washed the sample in green/emerald inks then added spots of nail varnish for sparkle)

Before...                                                   After...

 (More of the same here really- as is the case for a few of my samples- just went mad with the shirring elastic!)

Before...                                                       After...



 (Dipped and dyed with inks, stitched into, nail varnished and split pinned)

Here is a newbie to the group!! Two layers of fabric (woven cotton and netting), joined together with the shirring technique, then button holed whilst still in the embroidery hoop. I trapped some threads between the two fabrics and added split pins for sparkle!

And finally, today's technique is...Trapunto Quilting!! This is basically two pieces of fabric put together, your design stitched on to, then a small hole snipped in the back piece of fabric only, in the shape/area you wish to be stuffed! Afterwards you sew the hole shut again. The back does look a little messy but the front looks very pretty! This is my feeble attempt...

 I added machine couching and embroidery to jazz it up a bit. Do you like my attempt at a bug?

The whole point of these samples is to make a technical file to basically prove we can do it!! So I have started making my file, essentially another sketchbook just filled with interesting textile samples.

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  1. A fabulous collection of samples Beth. Love the colours you have dyed some of them as well. Takes me back to City and Guild days. I should experiment more myself.
    Love owls and birds of all kinds, great photos.