Saturday, 20 October 2012

Two Things

Afternoon All! The first thing of this post is.....Look what happened to my chopping board! =(
It had a fight with the dishwasher (I didn't put it in, an unknown housemate did) and the dishwasher won.

Thing two relates to my post (letter post) this morning (I've been getting seriously good post lately!) It was the returns for my French Knot ATCs and they are soooooo pretty!!

By Paula- an almost Christmassey theme coming through here I think!

 (By Alison)                                               (By Wendy)

I really need to get cracking on the next load of ATCs- I still have the sewing box and tree ATCs to make for the end of this month and then it gets really busy before Christmas. Looking forwards to it!!

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